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Veronica Leal - My Stepsister Wants To Get Smashed [FullHD 1080]

Categories: Big Dick
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 00:26:24
File size: 1.88 GB
Description: Veronica Leal is just getting into masturbating when she receives a phone call from her new stepfather. Her stepdad confesses that his son, who Veronica has always been told was in a special school, is just getting out of juvie now. He’ll be around soon, so Veronica needs to figure out how to protect herself. Veronica assures her stepdad she’ll be fine even as she gets a huge grin at all the fun she knows she’s about to have with her newfound bad boy stepbro. Later, Veronica arrives home from school and realizes that Charlie is here! She goes to his room to introduce herself, then smacks Charlie with her backpack when he doesn’t give her the response she’s looking for. She goes on to tell Charlie that he’s gonna do exactly what she says because it’s her fucking house. Charlie responds by bending Veronica over his knee and lifting her miniskirt to spank her, which just gets Veronica nice and wet. She leans into Charlie’s face and suggests that whoever fucks the best rules the house, which Charlie is happy to agree to. Veronica doesn’t waste any time in opening her mouth and diving face first into Charlie’s dick. He’s got a big one, but Veronica wants it all in her face for some deep throat delight. The harder Charlie fists her hair the better. When Charlie shoves Veronica down and gags her, the sounds she makes are those of sheer delight. Veronica gets even hotter as Charlie finger fucks her and then plunges his dick into her twat in doggy. Flipping Veronica over for a bit of breath play, Charlie keeps on smashing her with plenty of spankings. Veronica gives as good as she gets, riding Charlie’s fuck stick and meeting him stroke for stroke as they spoon. When Charlie gets Veronica on her knees and holds her hands above her head so he can fuck her face until he nuts in her mouth, Veronica agrees that he can be the king of the house


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