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Rayveness Best Seat In The House [FullHD 1080]

Categories: Hardcore
Models: RayVeness
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 00:34:04
File size: 1.24 GB
Description: Tyler Cruise and his stepmom RayVeness are watching a movie together. It's a passionate romance movie, which they didn't realize BEFORE starting to watch it. It makes them a little uncomfortable, and RayVeness even tells Tyler that he doesn't have to watch it with her, but Tyler decides to stick around. But little does RavyVeness knows, Tyler is secretly getting turned on by the movie, so he strategically places a couch pillow over his crotch to hide his growing hard-on. As they settle in, RayVeness admits that she thinks the forbidden romance in the movie is intriguing and exciting. She longs for someone to take control and sweep her off her feet. As she overshares with Tyler, he starts to think that maybe she's trying to tell him something... When RayVeness leaves the room to get more popcorn, Tyler gets an idea. As she returns with more popcorn and tries to sit down, Tyler slides across the couch into her spot, so she ends up sitting right on his lap and feeling his hard-on. She is shocked and leaps up, apologizing for the mishap. Tyler is confused, saying he thought RayVeness was dropping hints that she was interested in him. RayVeness is surprised, but Tyler soon convinces her that she CAN have an exciting forbidden romance of her own!


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