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Kyler Quinn, Rachael Cavalli, Aiden Ashley Her 100Th Foster [FullHD 1080]

Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 00:40:52
File size: 1.45 GB
Description: Penny (Kyler Quinn) arrives at the beautiful home of Charlie Foster (Rachael Cavalli). However, the woman who greets Penny at the door is not Charlie but Jacqueline (Aiden Ashley), who doesn't seem too fond of Penny. As Jacqueline leads Penny through the house and explains the rules, it is revealed that Charlie likes to rescue homeless girls by inviting them to join her harem. Charlie is into family roleplay, so she requires that the girls in the harem refer to her as a parental figure and refer to each other as siblings, even though none of them are actually related. Jacqueline is the eldest 'sibling', and Penny is the newest one. In fact, Penny is the 100th girl. As the tour of the home continues, Penny meets some of her fellow siblings (Nadia Noja, Paris White, Hadley Haze, Rebecca Vanguard, Sage Foxx, Penelope Woods, Kate Bloom), who all seem to like Penny. Jacqueline becomes jealous, and insists that Penny needs to prove herself. Eager to please, Penny takes off her panties to fit in with the home's dress code, and tries to show off a bold, sexual side, which includes kissing Jacqueline. Although Jacqueline likes Penny's initiative, she's still not convinced. Penny offers to have sex with her in order to convince her. Jacqueline agrees, insisting that the other girls watch. They have sex on the couch, with Jacqueline taking charge and trying to humiliate Penny in front of the others. However, the sex is eventually interrupted when Charlie enters. She's unimpressed with Jacqueline's attitude and decides to put Jacqueline in her place, having Jacqueline please her in front of everyone. Charlie then invites Penny to join them, in order to give her a proper welcome into this growing 'family'.


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