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Haley Reed, Anna Claire Clouds, Vicki Chase Friend-Zoned [FullHD 1080]

Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 00:44:33
File size: 1.69 GB
Description: Vicki Chase is tidying up her house, making sure every inch is spic and span. She's got visitors coming over and she wants to be sure to impress. Oh! What do you know? That must be them now! Vicki jaunts to her front door and lets Haley Reed and Anna Claire Clouds inside, inviting them to come to sit with her in the living room. Haley and Anna gush over just how gorgeous Vicki's new house looks. Vicki is thankful- she's put a ton of effort into it, and she's glad to finally be able to receive guests after such a tedious renovation. As they chat, they muse about how they used to celebrate their birthdays together back in college. They haven't done that in such a long time! When they learn that Vicki didn't get a chance to properly celebrate HER birthday this year, Haley and Anna suggest that they celebrate together right now. But before they can make any concrete plans, Vicki gets a call on her cell and excuses herself for a moment. Now alone, Haley and Anna confide in each other that find Vicki super hot- even after all these years. As they fantasize about her, they clue into the fact that they're both VERY interested in Vicki, and a competitive spark erupts between them. They argue over who should get a chance at wooing Vicki until suddenly a troubling realization dawns upon them. What if they've both been friend-zoned? Nonsense, one of them must have a shot. The question is who? Before they can settle it, Vicki comes back in and immediately detects that there's something wrong. She sits between the two and asks them to spill the beans. Haley and Anna come clean, expressing how they've had a crush on Vicki for some time but were too embarrassed to say anything about it. To their surprise, Vicki confirms that she's had a crush on them too, and the thing she wants the most for her birthday is to have some fun with BOTH of them. With Haley and Anna on either side of her, Vicki allows them to pleasure her and give her the kinkiest birthday gift she's ever had. The two girls are happy to indulge in Vicki's luscious body, and even gladder to confirm that they aren't stuck in the friend zone after all.


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