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Hazel Moore, Natasha Nice, Vanessa Sky Mrs. & Miss Communication [FullHD 1080]

Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 00:39:30
File size: 1.45 GB
Description: Natasha Nice and her stepdaughter, Hazel Moore, are with Vanessa Sky, a therapist they have recently been going to. As they settle in, it's clear right from the start that Natasha and Hazel have NOT been getting along, which is why they need Vanessa's help. In fact, the more they talk, the more obvious it is that they are poor communicators. Because of this, they just get even more frustrated with each other. Natasha and Hazel reflect on how they've been talking less, which causes them both to become more moody. That's when Vanessa steps in to guide them, sensing that they're on the verge of a breakthrough. It's revealed that during a past conversation, Hazel has a huge crush on Natasha and confessed her love but was rejected. Natasha is shocked as she defends that she thought Hazel was just expressing PLATONIC love to her! If Natasha had known the feelings were ROMANTIC... Vanessa once again steps in and insists that she can see that they BOTH have romantic feelings for each other but are bad at communicating. Natasha and Hazel are shocked and embarrassed about how simple the miscommunication was but are unsure what to do with their feelings now. Vanessa encourages them to be intimate, with her being there to make sure they communicate properly. Feeling a little more confident, Natasha and Hazel start to communicate what they want from each other, though still rely on Vanessa to nudge them along. Once Vanessa encourages them to share a kiss and explore these new feelings and sensations, sparks fly as Natasha and Hazel finally start expressing how they REALLY feel. They're doing SO WELL at communicating this that Vanessa herself starts to get warm, which leads to a celebratory and steamy romp for them all.


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