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Rachael Cavalli, Violet Starr Lust Triangles: You’D Get Along Great [FullHD 1080]

Categories: Hardcore / Cum Shot
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 01:03:15
File size: 2.21 GB
Description: Seth Gamble, an accountant, is sitting at a table at home with a client, Violet Starr. As he helps her sort through some paperwork, it's no secret that Violet is into him as she casts him lustful looks and flirty vibes. Although Seth is married, he has absolutely no shame as he gladly picks up what she's putting down. They start hungrily making out and fondling each other, although they're soon interrupted by Seth's wife, Rachael Cavalli, as she unexpectedly comes home. Violet is quick to duck under the table and isn't shy about sucking Seth's cock while he tries to keep up a conversation with Rachael. Seth starts to become flustered but, lucky for him, Rachael thinks he's getting hot for HER. As she tries to tempt him to the bedroom, Seth tells her to go ahead and get ready for him -- he just has to finish up the paperwork. Once Rachael leaves, Seth gets back down to business with Violet. They strip down and he pounds her pussy in a variety of positions, ending with her bent over the table. All throughout, they try to keep quiet so that they won't alert Rachael, although they get very close to slipping up at times. Just before he cums, Seth tells Violet that she has to go. Violet is annoyed but Seth explains that if he doesn't save his cumshot for Rachael, she'll be suspicious. Violet gives in, though hints that NEXT time, she wants that cumshot all for herself. Once Violet is gone, Seth gladly goes to the bedroom to please Rachael, who is none the wiser...


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